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A Quick Word from Your Friendly Neighborhood Music Scene

Hey friends! This is the Russellville Music Scene speaking, and we wanted to formally introduce ourselves to the community in which we reside. We are a collective of every genre of music imaginable, and possibly even some genres that are unimaginable. We write our own songs, play our own instruments, hone our craft, work hard and work often, but most of all we have to get the art that's inside of us out. Sometimes that comes with volume knobs that may or may not go to 11. Living in a small community is conducive to getting to know our fans on a first name basis and helps us share our music with them in the limited and intimate settings we have- and that's not something we take for granted. We love our community and we love our art, so we want to make sure our time together is fruitful and long lasting. We know not every band will be for everyone and we know that everyone won't like every band, but the important thing is letting everyone find their own beat to dance to, so they say. Though we've existed in this town for quite some time there are still growing pains involved that can be uncomfortable or inconvenient for some. It may be shows running late, it may be a show blocking an area off that is normally accessible, it may even be sound carrying from a downtown district to a residential district. But the flip side is knowing that we made people smile and sing along, or helped a young kid discover a love of music, or inspired someone to pick up their guitar again after 20 years- we have built a community among artists and fans that could not be traded for all the sold out stadiums in the world. And we assure you we're learning and constantly striving to accommodate everyone and to adapt to any concerns. We do not mean to alienate or upset. We mean to share and inspire. We are simply finding the balance between entertainer and entertained. We want as many people as possible to come out and join us at our events- even if there's a bad taste from a past experience. Give us another shot. Or if you've simply never heard of the live music being played in town- check us out! We live to share our music and we want you along for the ride. We vehemently encourage feedback and suggestions to help us co-exist in the small town atmosphere, so please let us know of things you'd like to see or things you're not happy about and we will do our best to make this scene music to your ears. Thank you and we appreciate all the support we've had thus far!

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