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2024 Council Meeting: The Special Session

Just three days into the new year, the Russellville City Council met in the Council chambers to approve the City Council Rules of Procedure & Standing Rules and choose what committees each member will serve on.

As a quick recap, your 2024 City Council members are:


In the special meeting, we went over some of the updates being made in the Rules of Procedure & Standing Rules. A lot of the updates were so the language was consistent with Robert's Rules of Order, which is the parliamentary procedure we use to avoid chaos breaking out in our meetings.

The first item was a request from the City Planner, Sara Jondahl, to consolidate 3 of the committees - Code Enforcement, Planning & Development, and Planning Commission - since they are all part of Planning & Development.

This was approved unanimously by the council.

Fun fact: The City of Russellville now has 18 committees instead of 20.

The second item was a proposal by Councilwoman Young to change the regular order of business item 7.1(b) from Invocation/Prayer to a Moment of Silence. (for more in-depth reasoning of why she proposed this change, read about it here)

This was approved 5-2 by the council.


Below is the full order of business carried out at each meeting.

There was also discussion of clarifying the language in how the council can use the Emergency Clause, but it is a state code that couldn't be changed by the council.


The 18 City Committees and council liaisons are

  1. Airport - Eric Westcott

  2. Animal Control - Justin Keller

  3. AVAFED - Chris Olson

  4. Boys and Girls Club - Seth Bradley

  5. Oakland Cemetery - Emily Young

  6. City Corporation - Chris Olson

  7. Civil Service - Nathan George

  8. Planning & Development - Eric Westcott

  9. Fire Department - Paul Gray

  10. Historic District Commission - Michele Barraza

  11. Information Technology - Justin Keller

  12. Main Street Russellville/Downtown Master Plan - Emily Young

  13. Police Department - Nathan George

  14. Parks + Recreation - Chris Olson

  15. Public Works - Seth Bradley

  16. 911 Committee - Seth Bradley

  17. ATU/Education - Michele Barraza

  18. Friends of Latimore House - Nathan George


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