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Introducing: The Newest Cast Members of Local Government

It's finally 2023. That means the newest cast members on City of Russellville are official! The swearing in ceremony happened at 2:00pm on January 1st at the Pope County Courthouse.

Playing the lead is newcomer Fred Teague in the role of Mayor. The supporting cast of Councilors will be comprised of Nathan George and Shawn Harris for Ward 1, Emily Young and Chris Olson for Ward 2, Seth Bradley and Eric Westcott for Ward 3, with Paul Gray and Justin Keller for Ward 4. All of those in bold are new faces, the rest are returning cast members.

Each episode will air on the third Thursday of the Month at 6pm. If that's not enough for you- then you are more than welcome to come to the LIVE taping at City Hall on the top floor in the Council Chambers. You may even end up on the show!

The season premier airs on January 19th. So put it on your calendar and experience the show like never before!

Also, if there are things you'd like to see discussed, feel free to email or text at 479-970-4098!

-Emily Young, City Council Ward 2


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