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Pope County Library System Collects Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses For Redistribution

Russellville, Arkansas: The Pope County Library System, in coordination with Arkansas Tech University Student Support Services, is collecting used solar eclipse viewing glasses in good condition to donate to Eclipse Glasses USA. Donation stations will be available at Atkins Centennial Library, Dover Public Library, Hector Public Library, and the Pope County Library in Russellville. Eclipse Glasses USA is an ISO certified eclipse glasses provider. Their donation program repurposes used solar eclipse glasses and serves people around the world (especially school children in countries with few resources), so they can safely experience watching a solar eclipse. On October 2, 2024, an annular solar eclipse will be visible in South America; the repurposed eclipse glasses will enable viewers to safely observe a solar ring of fire around the moon during this event. Before donating your used solar eclipse glasses, please ensure that they have no scratches, tears, or smudges on the lenses (damaged glasses are not safe for reuse). Additionally, Hector Public Library has collected remainder solar eclipse viewing glasses not previously distributed by the Pope County Library System. (Solar Eclipse Viewing glasses were provided to public libraries in Arkansas by the Arkansas State Library, made possible in part by funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services). The remainder glasses will be donated to Hector 4-H Club, who will also forward them to Eclipse Glasses USA for distribution.



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