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Why, yes. I AM Pro-Life

The other day I was reading an article by Dr. Shepard, or Matt (as he prefers), it was about his findings of the latest development in cancer research and how it will eradicate all cancers within 3 years. It was a truly fascinating read, hard to follow because of my lack of “doctor schooling”, but truly gripping. As a cancer survivor myself it’s an honor to see someone of his importance during my lifetime.

Then there was the book, “In the Belly of the Beast” written by two time New York Times Best Seller, Trayvon Martin. Smart fella, a bit too serious for my taste. It spoke all about his life growing up. How he lost his way for a while in his mid-teens, then one night after leaving a gas station, he encountered a homeless woman he befriended. It led to him opening one of the largest non-profit food banks in the country that feeds thousands daily. I’d love to give this guy a high five, or ten.

Later on, while scrolling through Netflix, came upon a documentary about Alexander “AJ” Betts Jr.- or as we came to know him “Harvey Milk Jr.” His inspiring movement that led to the legalization of gay marriage that swept through the country, ended up changing the social awareness through compassion and faith. It was truly something awe inspiring.

I turned the radio on while taking a break from all my reading and documentary watching and wouldn’t you know- the latest Corey Monteith song was blaring. IT’S SO CATCHY. Who would have known that the awkward tall dude from Glee would end up being our generations Frank Sinatra of sorts. (Please don’t tear into me with that comparison) It really speaks to the healing powers of support and rehabilitation. To know that after over coming his affliction, opening his own treatment facility, and continuing to inspire and spread awareness through music- he’s still got it. Still awkward Finn, but still an amazing guy.

But I couldn’t help but notice the magazine with the cover of Julio Segura McIntosh. Winning his 39th Gold Medal in Swimming at the 2026 Olympics. That kid just doesn’t know how to NOT blow all the competition out of the water. No pun intended.

Most impressive was the latest press release from social media mogul Hadiya Pendleton, her announcement that her company has successfully saved our dying economy by her outreach into communities that desperately needed the boost was like music to the countries ears. By bringing in the jobs and knowledge to communities on the brink of collapse, she turned them around to be more profitable, self sustaining, and economically sound through her methods. Her story is exactly what you love waking up to on the front page of the paper.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed every single name I’ve mentioned is no longer with us. They have been taken, too soon, either by their own hand or by another’s. And this really begs the question- why are the lives that are already developing not the ones that are the focus of the “Pro-Life” movement. I use the dreaded quotes around that phrase because to me, personally, it is not pro-“life”, it is pro-birth. You can not fight for what you believe to be a life only for the duration where it can not sustain by itself to stand a chance at life, and then as soon as it’s given life not have a safety net there to help, if help is needed.

Matthew was brutally murdered for being gay. Trayvon was shot dead for being… there. AJ committed suicide due to excessive bullying. Corey overdosed because of an uncontrollable addiction. Baby Julio accidentally shot and killed himself. And Hadiya was shot down just one week after marching in her schools band for Obama’s 2013 inauguration. These are people whose lives had begun, and were forming the bonds with others that we have come to know as “life”. These are causes of death we should seriously be paying attention to and doing everything in our power to be proactive in dealing with. Maybe it’s time we took a look at what is really important to the life we have here, now, instead of obsessing over someone else’s life choices that lead to a possible “new life” that has yet to even exist. If you find yourself playing the “What would that child have become?” game it may be beneficial to try and see a more realistic approach. But again, this is my humble opinion.

[Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with abortion. It is a piece exploring the possibilities of who these kids could have become if their life had not been cut short. Which is an argument often heard to eradicate abortion. Again, this is NOT about abortion.]

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