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Block Partyin' on the Art Walk

If you were anywhere near the Downtown area in Russellville this past Friday evening, June 3rd, you may have noticed things were a bit more "big city" than usual. The Downtown Art Walk, that occurs the first Friday of every 3rd month, was taking place with participants from Joshua's Jewelry to Sole2Soul, Central Presbyterian to the new Penny University Coffee location in front of the Depot, and lots of fun places in between. There was so much that went on it was hard to catch it all, but the turn out was nevertheless impressive. But this go around, the Art Walk had a little friend tag-along down on S Commerce that went by the name Brother Jam Block Party, and what a cool friend it turned out to be.

Jamie Lou Connolly, of Brother Down Sound, managed to wrangle up 15 vendors to fill the block. Ranging from food trucks to psychic healing, voter registrations to sno cones, pop-up book shops to woodcuts, there was a little something for everyone. Plus, Jam House Collective, a group out of Conway who "aims to spread art, expression, and community to all those who reach out", helped organize an impressive roster of musical talent from the area to get the communities feet a-tappin'. The road was blocked off, the booths were assembled, and the bands were tuned and ready to go. All that was needed was the community- and boy did they show up in droves.

Though the rain threatened the event near the end, there was lots of dancing, eating, laughing, and enjoying a sense of community that night and it made the possibility of more events like this a done deal. Everyone left with a smile on their face and possibly a string of pretzels around their neck (courtesy of Voices of the Valley). Downtown Russellville is one amazing town and the more events for the community to get involved in, the better off we'll be. We can't wait to see what else is in store.


Participating Vendors:

Performing Bands:

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