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Best Bite - Taco Villa

(Sings in TikTok) “White people taco niiight!”

What is it about this place, really? Is it that it’s the finest dining experience? Is it authentic Mexican food? Is the venue spacious and comfy? You and I both know the answer to those questions.

It's actually the no-frills experience that makes it great for me. Having Taco Villa for dinner at least once should be a requirement to live in Russellville. One might say that Russellvillians… Russellites? Russell… people from here have Taco Villa hot sauce running through our veins. We bleed that delicious, garlicy goodness. I have an uncle living out of state that somehow or another purchases 3-4 huge bottles of Taco Villa hot sauce to take home with him when he visits. I’m not saying they put cocaine in their sauce, but something is going on there. I’m sure of it. It may be the only existing substance that tastes good on anything: Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, salads, housecats, flip-flops, Mayor Teague, anything.

Then, there’s this:

It doesn't exactly look like a Kardashian mirror selfie, but in that cup is one of the most delicious, molten, creamy, equally-as-addicting-as-the-hot-sauce substances… the cheese dip. Pour it on your burrito, dip your taco in it, dip leftover pizza in it, pour it in your pocket, I don’t care what you do with it, this stuff is perfect. I haven’t had lunch yet writing this and I am about to drool on myself thinking about it’s golden goodness. To be honest, and I may be on to something here, everything they sell might exist solely as a vessel for hot sauce and cheese dip delivery! Cosmic, bro. Additionally, next time you visit, ask for a “pot of gold” and you’re welcome in advance.

They have a ton of options on the menu if you didn’t already know (don’t sleep on that taco burger); but I always go back to the one thing that, well, is everything. We’re talking burrito supreme, baby. I get extra sour cream because the coolness pairs well with the steamy ground beef for varying texture and temperature. Lettuce, tomatoes, and shredded cheese are absolutely stuffed into a thin flour tortilla and it often busts out the side a little, but it never seems to bother anyone because it’s consumed rabidly. Add some of that cheese dip with a kiddie pool of that methamph- I mean hot sauce mixed in it, and I am so very happy. Honestly, I don’t need chips for my cheese dip, either. I ladle that stuff right out of the cup onto the next bite because I have poor self control.

Take people from out of town there next time you have a chance. See what they think. It’s always a wild experience doing that because people are like, “It’s okay”, or, “It’s decent” but you can rest assured that when they visit again, the first thing they say is, “You wanna go back to Taco Villa?”




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