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The New Old and the Old New - Embrace The Change

Photo by Liz Chrisman

Downtown Russellville has been improving and changing at a steady pace the past 5-10 years. Some good, some bad, some confusing. But one thing is for certain- the people who invest their time and money to make our community better deserve a chance and a warm welcome.

In 2016 The Old Bank Sports Bar opened up after a 2-year, multi-million dollar renovation. It was so impressive, in fact, that at the Municipal League 2018 Winter Conference, they won the Best Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Project award. Over the years it changed ownership and management a time or two, and as of October 18, 2022 they announced they were shutting down with the intent to re-open under a new name and updated menu. A clean slate, if you will.

As a business owner that has 2 of 4 businesses along side this establishment I cannot wait to see what direction they take this. Taking over an existing business is hard enough. Trying to improve it, make it a better fit for the community, and introduce new aspects? I can’t imagine.

The civic pride in our community is a strange and fascinating examination of our values. Though the vocal minority gets the most attention, the ones who have a quiet heart for progress, pride, and goodness can drown them out. But it’s not easy.

When I see things that have not yet come to be completely blasted on social media I’m reminded of the scene in Mean Girls where everyone devolves into a wild animal. We’re better than the negative comments on that post, Russellville. Way better. Let’s make sure the new Old Bank crew know it.

When someone wants to come to our city and contribute in a positive way- that is the only way we’ll continue getting the shops, restaurants, and entertainment we desperately want. Maybe the new [insert cool thing here] isn’t for you. But if another business sees the success of businesses that choose to come here maybe they’ll want to give it a try. And maybe it’ll be right up your alley. Live music and all.

Remember- meet every one and every situation with kindness. That's the only thing in your control, might as well embrace it.

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