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Trauma Cycles

A child is born and

the hearts of her parents are full

as the first Breath of life

unites her body with her soul.

She goes home with her parents,

her first taste of humanity.

She is taught what to believe,

what to think and who she should be.

The wounds her parents carry

from their own childhood battleground

find their way full circle and

come back for a second round.

Once her own parents were victims

just trying to survive,

along the way they learned to mimic those behaviors

from the very places they did not thrive.

They learned to survive

behaviors became seeds.

Experiences and emotions

cultivated their garden of trauma weeds.

Trying to fill the void,

they moved forward in life.

They met and fell in love.

They became husband and wife.

They tried to build a life

but were just fires burning wild.

They decided they might feel complete

with the birth of a child.

They bring their beautiful baby home

envisioning perfection in all that they do,

to be better than their own parents:

That is the vision they cling to.

But alas, no matter what they did

no matter how hard they tried

they could not hide the damages

they carried on the inside.

Their baby was exposed

to less than perfect days,

to trauma-based parenting,

unstable emotions and horrifying ways.

She grew up feeling

like she just wasn’t okay,

that she wasn’t enough

no matter the day.

She clung to God,

the version that she was taught,

even though those truths were

not versions that she bought.

But one day in excruciating pain

she called out to the Divine source

demanding to know what she did

for her life to have run this course.

She could not understand

why she was born

just to be hurt, let down,

beaten, tattered and torn.

She heard that such miracles,

joys and faith do exist,

just not for her it seemed,

somehow, she was missed.

She was angry with God,

her parents, friends, and family.

Why God, she asked,

Why have you forsaken me?

And in just that moment

her own miracle would unfold:

the voice of God

with a story to be told.

The voice was neither

masculine or feminine.

It sounded like her own voice

rising from within.

But the thoughts were not hers,

it felt separate, but connected.

Never in her life had

she felt so protected.

The voice spoke crystal clear

and pierced into her heart.

Forsaken you my child?

Let us journey back to the start.

Before we were born,

we existed within the laws of perfection,

where all of energy is connected,

and all we had was our reflection.

Everything was divinely connected

and everything existing consisted of energy.

So we were them and they were us,

I was you and you were me.

We could not experience what we were

as there was no absence of what is.

The only thing we knew for sure,

we wanted to know what it felt like to exist.

So this pool of divine energy

placed a drop within every living being,

then created a material world

full of imperfection and dysfunctional teachings.

the good, the bad,

the highs and lows,

and everything in between

as above, so below.

Before you were born

you decided what journey to take,

what you wanted to experience,

what magick you wanted to make.

You knew then, but you have forgotten it now,

that in the blink of an eye, the span of a lifeline,

you would return once more to perfection,

unity, the source, the divine.

So with your time here on earth

you are given the paint brush

to be the artist of your own world

in your own time, with no hurry, no rush.

You can allow the good to heal.

You can allow the bad to scar.

You have the powers within your own mind

to heal the sick or rage a war.

The challenges you choose

to experience and overcome

were meant to mold and guide you

into that which you wish to become.

Your mind is your wand.

You were given free will

to create riches and fairytales

or mountains and hills.

It is that first breath of life

when the soul and body unite

that it forgets all it knows

so that it can follow its own light.

It was in this moment,

that it became clear

she had allowed her living experiences

to fill her with fear.

She did not know

she had chosen her own journey,

that her soul had already known

exactly who she wanted to be.

Her purpose in life, that she placed upon herself,

was to know great pain, rejection, and depression,

to look these things in the face and to rise above them

so that she might be a healing light to others on the same mission. She was suddenly filled with a heart of love,

grateful for those who played a part in who she is meant to be,

understanding now, that even the bad experiences

were placed on her path purposefully.

She healed her scars and

forgave those she denied.

She gave love to herself until

even she could feel herself shine.

She went on with life

helping those that she could.

With her own demons laid to rest

she herself welcomed motherhood.

She looked at her baby,

with wise eyes and a grateful heart.

how blessed she was that

he had chosen her for his art.

Gypsie is a spiritualist who explores the different relationships we all have with the Divine and the magic that exists within everyone. Psy-Chics is the place where science and spirit coexist, where a mother and her daughters share their stories and gifts with Russellville.

Krista and Gypsie, two spiritual teachers, work together at Psy-Chics to explore the personal relationship between creativity, healing, and the Divine. They use their shared knowledge and gifts to help others tap into the magic that resides within them. Through open dialogue, stories, and service, Krista and Gypsie strive to maintain a compassionate space where science and spirit can coexist and bring spiritual healing to the people of Russellville.



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