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What on earth is The Offbeat Times?!

The Offbeat Times is the brain child of one, Emily Young. That's me. I'm Emily. [See side picture for proof].

I'm the owner and designer of The BrainStorm Agency here in Russellville and have decided to spread my creative wings to include a new aspect of my business. Voila! I give you The Offbeat Times.

You may be asking yourself, "Why are there so many parts to this site?!"

Well, I'm cursed with the frequent occurrence of late-night ideas that just won't go away come morning. Most of these mini-sites within this site were their own separate entity, but now that I've accumulated more than I can handle- I made the decision to combine them in one place that will house everything from entertainment, to education, to events.

All for our lovely community.

Russellville Music Scene is a big collection of amazing local talent in one, convenient place. Helping fans find new favorites, and artists find a new audience for their tunes. If you, or someone you know, wants to be listed on there- it's as easy as filling out a form!

Voice of the Valley was formerly Pope County for Equality, which was founded by Jay Lieblong and then quickly joined by myself. Our crowning accomplishment was the Marriage Equality March, and now with a new team we have set our sights on something more ambitious to get the community more involved in the everyday goings on of our little town, and other fun things.

Capture the Community is a video series that came about when I realized there needs to be more documentation of the things that happen in this community. Whether it is local shows, clean-up events, marches, whatever- there will now be a way to document these activities.

Hive Minds is another collaborative effort of multiple small businesses in the area who want to start cross-pollinating their clients with one another. We all love our clients and customers so we want to share with them about other local businesses they may enjoy.

All in all it's just like a child. It will grow and change and hopefully help pay the bills when it's grown. I hope you enjoy and if there are any suggestions or vehement complaints, there's plenty of ways to contact me on here. Now, as Mario says, "Heeere-a we gooo!"

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