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So, What Is ACME?

ACME is more than just the fictional company that supplies all of Wile E. Coyote with products that never seem to work as advertised. It's also an amazing non-profit that works to keep music in as many lives as possible. And it's right here in Russellville.

ACME stands for Arkansas Center for Music Education. Though they serve Pope, Yell, Johnson, Conway, Perry, and Logan counties (even as far away as Bee Branch sometimes) they are situated in Russellville on Tyler Road. Their facility houses everything from Teen Music Camps to Orchestra lessons, from Community Choir to Home School Classes, and much more. Throughout the year they also put on multiple music productions, performances, and they provide some great entertainment for anyone who would like to come enjoy it.

But all that doesn't come easy for a non-profit. The two leaders of this undertaking are Shirley and Brian Faulkner, both graduates of Arkansas Tech University with degrees in music education, and both have dedicated their lives to the teaching and spreading of music. Anyone who has done the same knows it's not exactly a life of swimming in the moolah. As any non-profit, they gladly accept donations, and they've created the Foundation Builders to do just that. Since they don't "sell" anything, but provide a service, they rely on donations to keep the doors open and the classes going. They ask anyone interested in becoming a Foundation Builder to donate $10/month to help with this. So, just think of it as doubling your Netflix payment, only it goes to something far more interactive and educational than the latest episode of that new binge-worthy show (Stranger Things? Am I right?!)

From their website:

"Arkansas Center for Music Education is a 501(c)3 tax- deductable non-profit organization whose goal is to provide quality and affordable (and free, if needed) music education in classroom instruction and instrumental and vocal ensembles to students, Pre-Kindergarten to adult, who would not otherwise have such an education available to them.

It is our goal to instill in our students the desire to practice the use of music as a means by which to develop themselves wholly, as individuals and citizens, in private and in community service through performances and participation in such venues as community events and groups, churches, graduation ceremonies, public concerts, or wherever music can improve the quality of life."

They will be holding a rummage sale this weekend during the 64 Galore and would love to see you there! Stop by to chat and pick up some goodies. Each purchase will help them maintain the amazing work they do in, and for, the community.

For more about this amazing group visit their website:

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