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Small Town Charm: Hullabaloo Edition

Few things can grab attention like a song, and here in Russellville we have quite a few attention grabbers. One of our most prized local grabbers (but not in a handsy way) is Jamie Lou and the Hullabaloo. For two years they have been perfecting their sound, and their line up, and have finally reached the point where recording an album is a necessity to more forward with their dreams. Those dreams involve an album and merchandise for fans. "We can not realistically move forward as a serious band if we can not provide these things at shows or online," Jamie Lou stated on their current Kickstarter fundraiser for their first EP "Femi-Socialite". Money can't buy happiness, but $3,000 can buy you recording time at a great facility. And that's just what the Hullabaloo aim to do.

There are so many places to put your money these days, and often there are so many places you're legally obligated to put your money, but if you can find a spare $20 bill to toss to some unbelievable musicians- I heartily encourage you to do so.

With 44 days left to raise the funds, they face a mighty battle. But knowing how many people their music has touched it doesn't seem like an impossible feat.

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