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Best Bite - Geedunk Ice Cream Co.

I’ve mentioned in previous editions of Best Bite that I’m not much of a sweets guy. Things like salty pork, wood-smoked beef, and butter sautéed mushrooms and veggies are just always front page stuff for me. With that being said, we’re talking sweets today so you know it’s going to be good.

The Geedunk Ice Cream Company has been nestled next to the railroad tracks in spring and summer months in Russellville, right across from Peter’s Furniture for several years now; but with people craving tastes of their childhood more than ever, word is spreading how great their stuff really is.

Toppings are premium at Geedunk with brownie chunks, cheesecake, candy, tons of real fruit, chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel syrups available; and honestly who knows what all else… I see something new almost every time I go! They have pre-fab specials that you can just point at and they’ll have made for you in no time, but they also have some “D.I.Y” type options where you can play mix and match with all this awesome stuff, then, chose if you want your creation in a bowl, traditional cone, waffle cone, on your head, in a shoe (probably a lie), whatever. I bet it’ll be tasty and cool you off any way you get it, too.

The owners are the Marlowe’s. They’re educators. Teachers of the next generation of kiddos here in our River Valley with a family of their own so they know what it’s like to try and please the parents and the kids. If I come alone, or it’s all five of us in my little family, I have always walked up to this little red trailer and was greeted by a smiling face and a polite “Hello”.

If you want a plain vanilla cone, you can get that at Geedunk. I don’t know why you would with all these diverse and creative options, but you can. I’m there for “The Jimmy”: smooth vanilla soft-serve with cheesecake bites, strawberry slices and strawberry syrup topped with graham cracker crumbs. Sweets person or not, The Jimmy slaps. Don’t sleep on “The Campfire”, either. It’s a s’more on ice cream. I SAID THEY HAVE A S’MORES FREAKING SUNDAY! Next level ice cream maneuver if you ask me. And if you haven’t heard already, they have some delicious options for those of us that don’t do milk products. You won’t regret ordering a fan-favorite Dole Whip.

The Geedunk Ice Cream Company in their little red trailer is the most criminally under-rated spot for a sweet cooldown in Russellville, hands down. Stop by during the next Art Walk, bring the family on a hot day after yard work or ballgames, try their “Stars and Stripes” (that comes with cotton candy) on the 4th of July, visit on Arbor Day, Star Wars Day, National Megalodon Day (which is a real thing for some reason), any time is a good time for Geedunk ice cream.




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