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I Am Fire.

I am fire

I am fire

Just a tiny ember

They say I come from mighty flame

I’m just trying to remember

I am fire

Big beautiful and bold

I burn all those who cross my path

At least that’s what Ive been told

I am fire

Shining ever so bright

Sharing with those

Who seek out my light

I am fire

Snuffed out to coal

Coming full circle now

My experience has certainly been full

I am fire

Until I am air

Until I am earth

Until I am water

I am fire

Gypsie is a spiritualist who explores the different relationships we all have with the Divine and the magic that exists within everyone. Psy-Chics is the place where science and spirit coexist, where a mother and her daughters share their stories and gifts with Russellville.

Krista and Gypsie, two spiritual teachers, work together at Psy-Chics to explore the personal relationship between creativity, healing, and the Divine. They use their shared knowledge and gifts to help others tap into the magic that resides within them. Through open dialogue, stories, and service, Krista and Gypsie strive to maintain a compassionate space where science and spirit can coexist and bring spiritual healing to the people of Russellville.



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