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Job Creation, Tax Money, and Talking About What We'll Talk About

January 10th, 2023 @ 5pm

Personnel Committee Meeting Prep

The City Council Members all serve on one of two committees; personnel or finance. I am on the personnel committee and we had our first meeting tonight to discuss some new positions Mayor Teague would like to see proposed at the City Council meeting on January 19th @ 6pm. Going into his term he has his sights set on taking advantage of the opportunities out there that we may be missing. To capitalize on that he proposed adding a Grant Administrator. This position would actively research and find grants that the city could use to improve our community in a multitude of ways. The second position is to add a receptionist/accounting clerk. He would like to transition the current administrative assistant to work more closely with him and add on communications coordinator to her role. In doing so there would be more transparency and interaction from the mayors office, which is never a bad thing. The personnel committee unanimously approved the proposed additions to take before the January city council.

Finance Committee Meeting Prep

The finance committee discussed.... well, a lot of finance items. I'll be honest, I have struggled to find a good way of breaking down the financial side of the city. I will probably ask one of those committee members to write a brief summary of that side of things so I don't incorrectly state that we're transferring a bunch of money to the wrong account and start a whole thing when really I simply don't speak the lingo. I know there was talk of using money from the city capital asset fund to put towards a pavilion at the Confederate Mothers Park. You can find the finance discussion in the video below from 50:15 to 1:02:33.

City Council Meeting Agenda Prep

The upcoming council meeting on January 19th (which just so happens to be Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's birthday) will be discussing the following:

  • appointing people to different city commissions.

  • vacating a right-of-way by Leanne's Fine Jewelry at 805 E. Parkway and vacating a utility easement by Dawn Cir.

  • special use permits so SQRL Fuel Stations can open up on 1100 N. Arkansas and 1600 S Elmira Ave.

  • updating the animal control code to address breed specific banning

  • removal of a dilapidated structure on W. 4th St

Seems like we're going to kick off the new year with some good momentum!

Mark your calendars for January 19th, 2023 @ 6pm, City Hall Chambers - 203 S Commerce Ave.

If you would like to speak at a city council meeting there is a sign-in sheet at the meeting. You have to arrive before the meeting starts and you'll be given a 3-minute timeframe to speak.

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