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Offbeat Artist Feature - Lemley Art Guild

The block of N Commerce Ave between W Main St and W B St is quite the spectacle to behold, a worthy hotspot in Downtown Russellville. Its quaint storefronts are home to a multitude of colorful, locally-owned small businesses that include favorites like Retro Roasts, Dog Ear Books and the newly reopened Old Bank Sports Grill, as well as oldie but hometown goodies like C&D Drug Store and Sweeden Florist. What you may not know is that at 104 N Commerce Ave, located next to Kaleidoclasm, is a hidden gem of Russellville’s fine art community. The Lemley House Art Guild is a true artist’s collaboration space, where artists of many levels of expertise come together to learn and grow in an inclusive environment that’s nurtured by the artists themselves.

The Lemley House Art Guild was opened in 2008 by Sarah Keathley, a phenomenally skilled painter still with the Guild today, and moved to its current location in Downtown Russellville once her original space became too small to house its growing numbers. Many of its current and past members are prominent members of our community and surrounding areas, such as Dr. Michael Dalton, Maisel Teeter, Teresa Bates and Susan Jackson.

In April of 2022, a dedicated member of the Guild, Brad Smith, an art teacher at Dardanelle School District known for his startlingly detailed airbrush paintings, took over ownership, heralding what is hoped to be an era of growth and flourishment for the organization. As of December of 2022, he’s even gone as far as actually purchasing the building that the Guild resides in so that it has a permanent home within our community for as long as membership continues to blossom.

Although an accomplished artist himself, Brad truly takes pride in being part of the conglomeration of so many talented creators, spending much of his personal time bragging on his close friends to others. While the artists at the Lemley House Art Guild typically specialize in canvas paintings, many of its members also boast other creative outlets such as crafting home decor and even hat design!

Lemley House Art Guild hosts open studio hours for its members on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. While it is not open to the public during those hours, appointments may be made to peruse through the displayed art, potentially purchase pieces that are for sale or even inquire about commissioning a personal painting. You may also take the time to stop by the Guild during events hosted by Downtown Russellville, such as the quarterly Art Walk, to meet the artists personally. For any other information, or to ask any questions you may have, please give Brad Smith himself a call at 479-264-3780, or contact them via their Facebook page!

Kylee Ellis is a Russellville-native, owner and crafter at Birch Moon Soapery, mom of four boys, and an art and culture blogger for the Offbeat Times. Reach out to Kylee at or via social media at



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