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Our Office Manager Went to the Movies.

It’s not just a child’s movie, it’s a movie for your inner child. The Super Mario Bros. Movie has absolutely outdone itself. Let. Me. Tell. You. I experienced every emotion while watching this movie: I laughed, I laughed some more, I was biting my nails, I even teared up.

Growing up, I played Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo until the cartridge finally gave out. Needles to say, I went into this movie with high expectations. However, I always say, “A decent movie can be good with the right snack combination.” Ultra buttery popcorn and a lil’ mix of cherry cola with Mr. Pibb is my ultimate go-to. I thought, “If anything, at least I have my snacks.”

When I picked my party’s seating, uppermost center, I dove right into the community popcorn. I arrived early. Too early to willingly admit. This gave me the perfect advantage to scope out the rest of the film’s audience. I was certainly among the few to have double digits in my age. A small while later, the lights dimmed, the snacks were minimal, and all of my attention was directed to the giant screen below.

I can honestly say that the character development was phenomenal.The main characters had dimensional value and individual quirks. Being a part of the older audience, it was fun to see small references and tributes to the actors that were cast as their characters. This movie focuses on so much more than the stereotypical “retro video game” thematic. Yes, I said retro. The Mario Movie intertwines the importance of family and the fundamentals of personal integrity into this beautiful telling of the Mario legacy.

It took everything I had to not launch myself out of my chair when I saw the first easter egg. This movie is chalked full of hidden messages and icons from all Mario affiliated games. The movie illustrators went bananas. The kid in me couldn’t stop smiling at all of the detail put into each scene’s setting. I’m not ashamed to say that I was groovin’ in my chair with the themed soundtrack. When the movie ended, my mind was racing and I was longing for more. The Mario Movie is a movie I will watch again, even when it releases for home video.




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