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Plant Parlor Finds New Home in Heart of Downtown

After putting her roots down on East Parkway Drive in early 2023, Plant Parlor began their ascent to becoming Russellville's Premier Vegetation Haven with their quirky and adorable plant boutique. Now, they are kicking off 2024 with their move to historic Russellville downtown at 320 West B Street.

Owner Amanda Taylor originally planned to start moving all her plant babies March 1st. After finding out the move could happen a few weeks earlier she went into clearance mode. Which is a win/win for everyone involved because her patrons get MORE plants for their homes, and she gets to carry LESS plants back and forth.

One way she's downsizing for the move is by offering BOGO air plant grab bags. Basically, you get 6-7 assorted air plants (a value of $40-$50) for just $20. Yup, you read that right. $20. It goes without saying this deal won't last long. There will be other deals and sales happening while supplies last though, so be sure to make your way over to 121 E. Parkway Dr to do your part.

In case anyone needs a good reason to buy some more plants, allow us to provide this very scientific excuse:

Plants are basically like Mother Nature's air purifiers. They take in that stale, CO2-infested air you're exhaling and convert it into fresh, glorious oxygen. It's like having a mini jungle in your living room, minus the wild monkeys swinging from the chandeliers (unless you're into that sort of thing).


Check them out on Facebook, too. They have a dazzling 5-star rating with over 40 reviews!


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Feb 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Probably the best plant store in the world. And this is probably the best article about the best plant store in the world.

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