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Sam Allbright and the Southern Heat

It's about damned time we feature some local music, amirite?

When you're feeling what your hearing, music has a way of changing your behavior. It doesn't matter what type of music you're listening to, if you are a true lover of rhythmic sounds, it has a way of changing your posture, your thoughts, and your heart. A local band has captured my attention and like I told Sam himself before writing this... their sound is intoxicating.

I heard Sam & his Southern Heat for the first time in 2022 at a benefit concert in Russellville for a local food pantry I was mc'ing. I knew they were good hearted solely because of their dedication to this cause in particular. A successful local artist that gives back their time to those in need in their community? I see you Sam; but it was the sound that got me. The sound.

Sam Allbright and the Southern Heat have a sound that is like deja vu the first time you hear it. Sam's music is like a favorite place you forgot you loved and you haven't been there in ages. This type of music isn't playing in my truck on the way to work or on my desktop at the office, but I listened to their new album Crush the Heel Biter start to finish without skipping a track. Every song is soulful and what is accurately described as a folksy play on rock and roll. Like I said earlier, this sound will drop your shoulders. This is the right album to play on your waterproof speaker nestled down in your kayak floating The Buffalo this summer if you ask me, but you do you.

Even if I wasn't from here, I'd still recommend you give them a listen for the vibes alone. Check them out on their website, Facebook, Insta, and streaming on Spotify. Keep up to date with their many live and reoccurring performances on their website and social media, and I hope you do so soon after this short read. While you're online, find their new music video for "Pages" which has beautiful visual story telling. There's power tools and lyric writing. What else do you want from them? They're only one band.

Look for future fun from Sam and the gang here at The Offbeat Times as well ;)


Find Sam's Social Media HERE:


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