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Community Event: "Breaking into the News"

We live in a world where opinion is stated as fact, and click-bait is disguised as investigative journalism. It can be really hard to navigate through life, even harder to navigate through social media, when you aren't sure what to believe or what stories are legitimate.

Put together by The McElroy House, Voices of the Valley and Dog Ear Books, this panel will aim to educate and help you form decisions with the tools you already have. Main one being your brain.

The panel will feature local print, radio and television journalists discussing how to identify reputable news sources versus click-bait and fake news; the importance of identifying opinion pieces versus new stories, and resources for finding and supporting responsible investigative reporting. Panelists will also touch on the ethics of journalism and share their own personal stories of why they are dedicated to this work at the local level. Participants will leave with information on importance of supporting ethical reporting and specific ways to do so. While we tend to think of media in terms of national networks, panelists will outline why local journalism is equally essential. An open community discussion will follow the panelists remarks.

So please drop by Dog Ear Books on April 8th, at 5pm to join in this important discussion.

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