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April Council Agenda: What's To Come

Public Works update from Kenneth Duvall will happen during our regular City Council meeting April 20th.

Unfinished (Old) Business

Item #1 is on the proposed Entertainment District. This months council meeting will hear the third and final reading of this ordinance that will establish a permanent entertainment district in downtown Russellville. Over the last few months there have been a lot of discussions about how this will work, what it means, how other communities pulled it off, and where we see the most responsible way forward for Russellville.

During the prep session multiple people got up to speak on this ordinance. A majority of those speaking were business owners in the downtown area in support of it stating how it will help their businesses, especially after dealing with Covid and the downtown construction project. A community member was concerned about the outlined boundaries and the time frame this district would be operational.

Item #2 is about adopting our city codes to reflect the current edition of the Arkansas state codes. These are not new codes, they are already ones that must be followed in accordance with the state, but this ordinance puts the city on the same page to avoid any confusion.

New Business

Item #1 is a consideration to annex unincorporated lands north and east of Hob Nob Road, east of Weir Road, the area west of Weir Road (HWY 124), and McDougal Lane Subdivision. If none of that made sense to you, please see the attached photo: (it's where the striped lines are)

Item #2 and #3 are to simply update and clarify language in codes. #2 deals with the Zoning Code, #3 deals with the Land Subdivision and Development Code. These clarifications range from adding "feet" where the measurement isn't notated, removing duplicate items, and other grammatical or clarifying language. It does not alter the codes themselves.

City Council will hold their full meeting on April 20th, 2023 at 6pm in the Council Chambers. That's all for this episode of City Council Rundown: Agenda Prep. Now you're ready to show up to City Council with knowledge on your side.



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