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Artist Feature - Downtown Russellville Art Walk

If you’re new to the Russellville area, or have just been too busy to get out and about town, stop what you’re doing and plan your schedule around the Art Walk. It’s that simple and you

definitely won’t regret it. Could there be anything better than supporting art and business in our area?

The Art Walk in Downtown Russellville combines some of the best aspects of small town living:

supporting small businesses, checking out homegrown artists of all shapes and sizes and

having the chance to mix and mingle with your friends and neighbors in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Often including holiday-themed events, it’s truly an occasion for your entire family. First held in 2005, the Art Walk has grown into a massive quarterly event that showcases locally crafted art of all varieties from the expected, like paintings, photography and pottery, to the not- so-expected, such as crochet toys, home decor and handmade jewelry.

If you can create it, you can find it at the Art Walk. You may even be lucky enough to learn a little about the different cultures that call the River Valley home by taking in visual performances, live music and more! Each vendor sets up either along the sidewalks, or inside the locally owned businesses that line the streets of the Downtown area. While you peruse so many extravagant offerings, you can often grab a tasty snack, or maybe even a sip of wine and get to know the true backbone of our fair city, the owners and operators of those businesses that keep it flourishing.

From the quirky boutiques to unique eateries in Downtown Russellville, so many open their

doors and welcome in the artists who eagerly participate in the Art Walk experience. You might even be lucky enough to learn more about the proprietor of each business based on the type of art available in their space during the event. Did you know that Brad Smith, owner of the Lemley House Art Guild, allows his wife and daughter to set up and sell their crafts, or that you can find Kaleidoclasm owner and artist, Daniel Freeman’s wife selling her clay jewelry inside his gallery?

To check out the awesome variety of artistry that will be showcased at the next Art Walk in

Downtown Russellville, make sure to follow Main Street Russellville on Facebook at! If you’re an artist, musician, etc. looking for a place to share your art with our citizens, contact with your

information and examples of your work!

Kylee Ellis is a Russellville-native, owner and crafter at Birch Moon Soapery, mom of four boys, and an art and culture blogger for the Offbeat Times. Reach out to Kylee at or via social media at



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