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Best Bite - Daddy's Smackin' Wings

Chicken wings. Tossed, sauced, smothered, drenched – we all know ‘em, we all love ‘em, and we all think we know who does it best. But if you aren’t thinking Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings & Things then you may need to think again. Give it up for Robert Owens of Russellville, AR and let’s chomp on this week’s Best Bite!

Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings & Things is another one of those food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar joints in Russellville and its most recent rendition on East Main Street is pretty dope – strong drinks, loud music, pool, arcade games. But it started from a man with a dedicated vision in a little food truck grinding away to build the life he wanted. But we’ll get to Legal Money Gang (#LMG) in a second. Daddy’s is named after, well, Daddy – owner Robert Owens’ grandfather. The restaurant is family owned and family operated. I even think Robert’s mom and kids are in the kitchen sometimes. Daily, they live up to that legacy – smiles, deliciously cooked meals, heaving portions, and a pause for conversation.

If you started reading this blog, you’re either for food or specifically, for the PB&J wings at Daddy’s. THAT’S RIGHT. Peanut butter and jelly chicken wings. Take a breath, y’all. You’ll need it because you’re about to eat yourself plumb outta breath when you order a 10-piece PB&J. A trademark of Robert’s place, these PB&J wings will really surprise you. I just ate there a few days ago with some girlfriends and one of them was skeptical. When she took a bite, she knew the truth. It’s simple really – literally just strawberry or grape jelly and some peanut butter drizzled over the perfectly prepared wings. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it; they’re Daddy’s signature for a reason. The concept of their PB&J wings is really what it’s all about. They don’t try to be pretentious with eclectic favors, they stick to the classic flavors and throw in some stoner favorites to intrigue you just a lil’ bit. (See the sauces: Rusty Special, Unknown Wonderboy, and their DESSERT WINGS – yuuup.)

Before we get to the dessert wings, let’s talk about the real Why of how Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings and Things is so special. Cue: Legal Money Gang. #LMG is the embodiment of Robert’s self-love and perseverance. It’s actually a clothing brand, lifestyle, and hashtag when you wanna talk logistics. At a younger age, Robert was making money the non-LMG way. After seeing some dark times he decided to turn things around a bit and make money legally so that he and his family could be sustainably taken care of without the worry of jail time. When I said that Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings & Things started as a food truck, I meant to say that Robert started slinging wings out of his house to get his money right. Dude was about to get shut down and fined, but that Legal Money Gang grit kept coming back. That’s when he found the trailer and dug his heels in. Now Robert’s Legal Money mindset has quadrupled or more. He went from home to trailer to brick and mortar to bigger brick and mortar and is actively talking expansion into other areas. Even having barely worked in a restaurant before, Robert knew that he wanted to turn his life around and he did that through food with the memory of his grandfather. Now Robert and his extended family are thriving and inspiring the community around him.

To me, that paragraph is the dessert. But for you, it may be the Fruity Pebbles wings at Daddy’s. Let that sink in for just a sec. Robert is an extraordinary business owner and exactly knows his demographic. Folks like us may want to plant partake and then indulge in some delicious delectables to round out the night. Do yourself a favor, fellow THC enthusiasts, and order a smackin’ of those dessert wings. Smothered in marshmallow cream and coated in your choice of Fruity Pebbles, Oreos, Cocoa Pebbles, S’mores, or Reeses Cups – I PROMISE YOU that these wings will make you believe in God. Other than your own first bite, the best part about the dessert wings is watching your friends take THEIR first bite and their look of wonder and amazement as they realize that dessert wings make total sense and they should have ordered five more.

Short story made some-what long: Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings and Things is more than just food. When you eat there, you support the mindset that grit and heart will get you places. That YOU are worth working towards. It may “just be chicken wings,” but it’s actually so much more. The next time you order from there, know that you aren’t just supporting Robert’s lifestyle change and another local business, you’re pouring into the motivation that inspires countless other local residents to get their lives right in a #LegalMoneyGang way. (Seriously, the testimonials from Daddy’s regulars and Robert’s friends will leave you crying.)

Be sure to follow Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings & Things on Facebook for their surprise specials, and add Robert Owen Nolans, too, if you want some entrepreneur inspiration and early special announcements. In the meantime, here are my go-tos and their full sauce list so you can go ahead and plan lunch or dinner with your crew:

Hope’s Go-To:

  • 8-piece boneless wing, half Strawberry PB&J/half Cyclone Fever

  • 8-piece boneless dessert wing, Fruity Pebbles

  • Washington Apple: Crown Royal, Sour Apple Crown Royal, and cranberry juice

  • Green Tea shot: Jameson, Peach Schnapps, sweet & sour

Specials You Can’t Sleep On:

  • Fry-Day

  • Thirsty Thursday

  • Wing Wednesday

  • 2 for $20 Tuesday

Sauce Flavors:

  • Honey BBQ

  • Honey Mustard

  • Sweet Chili

  • Garlic Parmesan

  • Elbiar

  • Buffalo

  • Suicide

  • Beriyaki

  • Cyclone Fever

  • Honey Hot

  • Zesty Golden

  • Unknown Wonderboy

  • Lemon Pepper

  • Rusty Special

  • Caribbean Jerk

  • Spicy Garlic BBQ

  • Honey Garlic Sriracha

  • Teriyaki

  • PB&J (Grape or Strawberry)

  • Lemon Pepper Ranch

  • Dill Pickle

Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings & Things

2410 E. Main Street | Russellville, AR

Online Ordering | Delivery | Dine-In

– Hope Adair is an Arkansas native, an explorer of all foods and the stories behind them. She believes in the power of how food connects everyone and strives to share the heart and soul behind the best bites in the area.




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