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Best Bite - Just Desserts

I'm not a sweets guy. I'm really not. I'm just a hairy, American, meat-eating beast, roaming the Earth in search of the next animal protein to harvest and cook over fire. Well, typically. In today's edition of #bestbite, we're exploring a place and a couple of very kind people that are one of very few exceptions.

As a young broadcaster in local radio, sales people would often approach me with a new client that is eager to get the word out about the cool things they do, and would like me to endorse them. An endorsement is a little different than just regular ads in that you are talking about the business as a customer of the business, singing their praises, and directing people their way from the perspective of an influencer... Only without ring lights and all the toxic entitlement. This time in particular I was asked to endorse a small bakery that had just opened up across town called Just Desserts. I wasn't currently representing any bakeries, so let's go. I'm in.

When I first met Derek and Gabby, I was a little caught off guard. After all, it was a bakery, and it was in Russellville, Arkansas; but, here in front of me was two tattoo'd millennials with lip rings, band t-shirts, and torn up jeans. This wasn't a retired couple with white hair and aprons(?). They looked like... ME! It was good to know I was among my people, now all I could think was, "I hope the food's good."

It was good then, and even better now. They use fresh fruit, zests, and juices in their pies, home-made syrups and icings top almost everything in the store, and they even do custom ingredients on request if you give them enough notice. Making visually appealing products with fresh produce isn't the easiest way to do things, but it sure does make a world of difference in the final product. That's something you'll see and taste in your next visit.

Just Desserts features several offerings that are available every time you walk in. My personal favorite is a southern staple: LEMON BARS. I have one half-eaten sitting on my desk as I write this and there just aren't many tastes, let alone desserts, that make me smile. I literally look at this chewy, tart little dude sitting there and I smile from the thought of how the next bite's gonna taste. There are also brownies of all sorts waiting alongside cakes, cake balls, cheesecakes, cookies, dipped fruits, individually portioned puddings, the list goes on and on. It's not just the buzz words of the individual offerings either, it's the taste! They're all delicious no matter what you carry out.

Gabby's talent as a designer is also up there with the best of any medium here locally. If you need a custom design, she can make it out of food. It's crazy. I've seen her make a championship belt out of icing, disco balls, and custom cookies decorated for every special occasion and holiday you can imagine. Derek is a master in his own right. Need a comfort food desert portioned for a large party or event? Boom. He's got you.

They're kind people making delicious food (even for hairy carnivores). I encourage you to stop by when you have a chance and visit the best little bakery you're not eating at. I love their food and I have made a couple good friends, even though they may have put a few pounds on me ;)

Find Just Desserts at 427 East 4th Street, Russellville, AR right across from Taco Villa. If you have custom orders for a future event, reach out to them at or call 479-567-5047.



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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you so much man! We appreciate all the kind words and thought you put into this!

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