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January City Council Rundown

If the first City Council meeting of 2023 is any indication of how this new governing body will be- we are in for a treat. Then again, I'm a bit biased as I'm one of the council members in that governing body.

First up is the financial report. Though I'm not great at breaking down numbers and translating what it all means, I'm hoping to pick it up quickly so I can give a better snapshot of how the city is doing on the monetary side. From what I can tell we're in good shape.

During the Mayor's report we appointed new and returning members to commissions.

  • Greg Hines, Recreation and Parks

  • Jami Mullen, Oakland Cemetery Commission

  • Tim Douglas, A&P Commission

  • Josh Stroud, Board of Adjustments

  • Toni Bachman, Ruben Comacho, Phillip Lea, and Mark Lykins, Civil Service Commission

No Departmental Report

Personnel Committee

This committee deals with any city employee or personnel matters. Paul Gray is the new Chairman, and Seth Bradley, Nathan George, and Emily Young also serve on the committee.

Finance Committee

This committee handles all the money and numbers when it comes to city matters. Eric Westcott is the Chairman, and Shawn Harris, Justin Keller, and Chris Olson also serve on the committee.

For a breakdown on all things finance, I will defer to Eric Westcott.

That was all the veggies, now we're on to the meat and potatoes- or whatever that phrase is.

No Old Business

Term clarification: You will hear a lot about ordinances and resolutions during City Council meetings. These are two very different government actions. A resolution deals with matters of a special or temporary character and an ordinance prescribes some permanent rule of conduct or government to continue in force until the ordinance is repealed.

New Business

  • Ordinance vacating 15 feet of a right-of-way. I will start attaching a map or photo of the location of these requests as they are currently described as "lot seven, block three, JL Shinn Addition". They requested this ordinance be read one time only and that the emergency clause be enacted. Typically you read an ordinance three times (one time each meeting, over three months), so requesting that it be read one time and that the emergency clause be enacted is a way to move it along quicker, though time and money are not typically a reason to rush it through.

  • Ordinance vacating and abandoning a 10 foot utility easement. Again, they requested it be read one time and that the emergency clause is enacted. On both items Justin Keller spoke up about how we're only allowing these to be put through so quickly so that the work can begin and no money is lost to the developers. That is not a typical "emergency" as outlined in the rules.

  • Two resolutions granting special use permits for SQRL Fuel Stations to operate at 16oo S Elmira Ave and 1100 N Arkansas Ave passed.

  • Resolution requiring property at 814 W 4th Street to complete repairs and address code violations within 30 days or city will move to raze the dilapidated structure as the tenants living there are living in unsafe conditions. The property owner, Mr. Frankhouse, spoke on behalf of the improvements he has made and he plans to complete the repairs within the 30 day mark. This is not a first for Mr. Frankhouse where it concerns unsafe property maintenance and management.

"We have found with this owner this is the only way to get those repairs completed." - Sara Jondahl, Planning Commission
  • Ordinance to revise the animal control code as well as a consideration to repeal the ordinance that bans specific breeds within city limits. This was read the first time by short title only in order to get the discussion started. This will allow the newer council members to catch up on the proposed code updates as well as allow the animal control liaison (that's me) to meet with animal control to get more feedback on how this would impact their operations and the safety of the community. More will be discussed on this at February's meeting.

Upcoming dates

2/7/23: Prep meeting for Finance Committee @ 5:30pm.

2/7/23: Prep meeting for City Council agenda @ 6:00pm.

2/16/23: Finance Committee meeting @ 5:30pm.

2/16/23: City Council meeting @ 6:00pm.



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