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Mutant Mayhem For Days

mu·tant /ˈmyo͞otnt/ adjective

  1. resulting from or showing the effect of mutation.

may·hem /ˈmāˌ(h)em/ noun

  1. violent or damaging disorder; chaos.

If there were a better way to define our beloved ninja turtles then we would be surprised. I mean, we pulled it from the dictionary, after all.

TMNT Mutant Mayhem is the latest (and by the looks of is most amazing) iteration of those four pizza loving brothers on the big screen. This time with Jeff Rowe at the helm, in his feature directorial debut. The design and animation style is based off of sketches that Rowe drew in his school notebooks as a teenager. I know if I had a movie hitting the big screen based off of some of my sketches I made in high school they would look very different (aka, not so good).

Check out their teenage antics below!

August 4th can't come soon enough. Mark your cowabunga calenders, folks. This is one film you won't want to miss.



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