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nature and nurture

i woke up absolutely

radiant, glowing like the

sun breaking through the

clouds on a rainy day.

warm skin with a healthy shine,

soft flowing hair cascading down

a flexible and gracious body

supported by a strong spine

carrying a clear and confident voice

that has no flaws to proclaim today.

maybe it is because

i am ovulating and the

moon is nearly full in leo

but i am a work of art,

a complex wiring system

that keeps firing with purpose.

i have the body electric,

am the quantum manifested.

my entire existence can be explained

in a mathematical description

of the motion and interaction

of subatomic particles.

according to newton

all bodies are attracted to each other

by a force that depends directly

on the mass of each body

and inversely on the square

of the distance between them.

now i can't tell you exactly what that means

but what i do know is this:

the body is spirit energy in physical form.

my body is spirit energy in physical form.

your body is spirit energy in physical form.

every body is spirit energy in physical form.

we are enormous energy

converted into matter

at the velocity of light.

we are collisions of high energy

bonding and transforming.

you are the big bang.

you are not just the sun and moon,

el sol y la luna,

you are the entire solar system,

lunar rhythm,

and beyond.

you carry mythologies in your dna

like a genetic heritage waiting to be claimed.

your body contains the basic building blocks of the universe

and the mortar that binds those blocks together.

there are days i forget that i am human,

days i am absolutely convinced that

i am not human,

and i don't know that i'm wrong.

you can call it mental illness

you can call it third eye trauma

you can call it science

you can call it spirit

you can call me whatever makes you comfortable, friend

because there are days when i am a bottomless black hole,

days when i am an asshole,

more shadow than human,

days when i am a tornado with skin,

days when entire tsunamis quake

within my bones and limbs,

days when i erupt like fire

and explode into the brightest supernova

your eyes have ever known.

some days i am heavy building blocks of electrons,

negatively charged and almost massless,

entirely classless.

some days i am a small dense nucleus

convinced the world spins around me

and i must hold it all together

to maintain the integrity of my cells

because if i'm not controlling and regulating

then what the fuck is my purpose?

you see, there are days i foolishly believe

that i could do better than god,

or at least that we have the same jobs

and in those m(om)ents

i don't know that i'm lying,

that the entire matrix doesn't exist within me…

some days i am a positively charged proton

and people bask in my light,

in my sunshine and rainbows,

and there are times i'm not convinced that

i don't exist for them either.

that shit is dangerous -

i exist for me.

there are the days i am electrically neutral and

there are also the days when

i am entire cosmic rays

raining down on earth's atmosphere from outer space,

colliding with atomic nuclei

and showering to the ground

as if my entire purpose

was to fall from grace

fall in love

fall d




like the apple from the tree.

we are gravity.

we are electricity.

we are magnetism.

we are strong forces and

we are weak forces so

stretch the body

stretch the heart

stretch the mind.

take up space

because that is what you are

because that is what you deserve

because you are the observer being observed.

if you're gonna go down

have the courage to go down in flames.

if you're gonna break,

break through the limitations

of who you thought you once were

and make peace with all your rot and

everything you think you are not

and do not tell me you do not have time.

you can lie to yourself

but don’t you dare lie to me.

dare to arrive alive

and like the storm that you are.

we are spirit energy in physical form,

we are the entire cosmos in motion

happening by chance

and you are an improbability made probable

brought to life in a dance with a universe

that infinitely loves you

supports you

bows to you

follows you

guides you

flirts with you every single day.


your body is potential

waiting to become.

the generational curses of my bloodline

that i know of so far are abuse,

abandonment, loneliness,

performing for approval,


paper thin skin and confidence,

oscillating between ultra-independence and codependency,

violence as a first language,

silence as a second,

poetry as a third,

poor eyesight,

twisting and ripping hair out,

body focused repetitive behaviors,

addictive and obsessive personalities,

walking insecurities -

i often joke my parents had no business reproducing.

but more than anything, i am a genetic anomaly.

my mother was born without a hymen,

physically unable to become pregnant,

requiring man-made surgery to birth me.

without science, health insurance,

a mother's magic, and

nature’s insistence,

i would not exist.

these are the genes we have inherited,

the genetic heritage i came from,

some of the codes of my human gene sequence.

we cannot avoid the makeup of our past

and this is why we must heal from what we survived,

because survivors do not have time or energy

to care about the mistakes of history,

only staying alive,

and what a mystery it is

to be alive at all.

when i change my frequency,

i change my dna,

just like changing the song on the radio.

i can write a whole new story anytime i want to.

when i evolve my expression of self in this universe,

i evolve the expression of my genes,

heal the faults in these codes.

by being the witness,

i change the population

and the generations after me.

what is the future but an evolution of god?

you are both nature and nurture,

honor it.

Krista and Gypsie, two spiritual teachers, work together at Psy-Chics to explore the personal relationship between creativity, healing, and the Divine. They use their shared knowledge and gifts to help others tap into the magic that resides within them. Through open dialogue, stories, and service, Krista and Gypsie strive to maintain a compassionate space where science and spirit can coexist and bring spiritual healing to the people of Russellville.



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