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Offbeat Artist Feature - Rob Moye

In any given town across the country, you can find fantastic tattoo artists who'll give you an amazing piece of artwork that you’ll be proud to carry on your body permanently. It’s a booming industry that has been around for absolute ages, continuing to grow in popularity over the last few decades.

Our lovely Russellville is, of course, no different. We are home to dozens of artists who enjoy nothing more than turning our citizens into their walking canvases and Rob Moye is one such artist. Born in Dover, Arkansas, Rob did what many young boys do, latched onto the art happening in his own home, that of his mother. His love of doodling alongside her quickly turned into loving the concept of tattooing, the thought of someone carrying his art around with them forever pulling him into the vast world of body art.

When asked if he had a favorite piece he’d for someone, he responded that he often feels like the person getting tattooed themselves, that the piece he’s just given becomes his favorite, that he’s just as excited as they are. His satisfaction for making someone’s idea come to life is remarkable! As Rob’s artistry also doubles as his income, he often needs a bit of a stress reliever from it and, man, does he have a cool hobby that helped him relax!

About four years ago, he started making beautifully crafted Damascus steel knives, a skill that was inspired from his childhood as well. His stepfather often spoke of making knives as a teenager, and, as is true with so many artists, Rob has seemingly mastered it as well. Rob works at Tried and True Tattoo, the shop famous for bringing Toys for Tats to Russellville. The shop is open from 1 PM until 9 PM, seven days a week, but you can find him there Tuesday through Saturday. He can be contacted via the shop, or on Facebook.

You can find more of his art on Instagram at @robmoyetattoos -Kylee



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