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Sanders Idiocy

Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders created another controversy by removing college credits from advanced placement (AP) African-American studies in high school.

This decision was announced on Augst 17, as a byproduct of the LEARNS Act that was signed into law without allowing residents to vote on it earlier this year.

The LEARNS Act, which is serving as the Trojan horse for Sanders’ removal of “critical race theory” and “indoctrination” from curriculum in public schools, was originally marketed as legislation to help teachers acquire better wages, not remove critical education courses.

The irony in this case of course is that the indoctrination being done to children in Arkansas is coming from Sanders and her supporting republicans. Indoctrination is defined as “the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically,” in accordance with Oxford dictionaries.

So, to eliminate African-American history for students in advanced placement is a semi-passive move to kill the course and attempting students from learning a more well-rounded version of American history that creates a healthy environment for critical thinking.

What is being witnessed by this move that was announced by Arkansas Department of Education, is a move to continue to teach history from a white-washed version of American and Arkansan history.

With anything that is offensive to conservative politicians and parents dictating education policies and curriculum in public schools, is an attack on democracy, the Constitution and education itself.

What we are observing is a small group of people without any formal training or experience in the field of education, dictate what is included in education for all students not just their own.

It violates the freedom of speech in public spaces, denies all parents an opportunity to vote on this decision and denies students a teaching of history that is more accurate and offers a perspective that is contrary to the propaganda of republicans.

This active attempt to hide this history from all levels of students in public school that is paid for by black parents, not just white parents is clearly an act of racism, with white supremacy at its core.

The goal of this move is to create a more ignorant student body that will eventually graduate or become adults without any understanding or context for situations or conversations concerning race and racism, which is what the republican party thrives on.

In this situation, it deeply benefits the republican party by creating another generation of racially ignorant or racist voters, who hold anti-black sentiments that will become their next voter base through an indoctrination of stupidity and idiocy.

For racist politicians like Sanders and DeSantis, this move is about holding onto power as long as possible as the national demographic in America shifts to a more melanated society, rendering racist ideologies and political parties nearly irrelevant.

-Cliff A. May


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