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Special Called City Council Meeting, First of New Administration

January 3rd, 2023 @ 5:30pm

The new Mayor and (partially new) City Council had their first meeting of the year in the council chambers. This meeting was to establish which council members would be the liaison for which committees, as well as some housekeeping for the transition from the last administration. A liaison simply helps facilitate a close working relationship between the City Council and the committees. By having council members assigned to them it keeps everyone in the know of what is going on without making everyone be everywhere all of the time.

Here's a breakdown of the committee and liaison assignments:

To contact any of the council members, their info is below:

Mayor Fred Teague -

Ward 1, Position 1 Nathan George -

Ward 1, Position 2 Shawn Harris -

Ward 2, Position 1 Emily Young -

Ward 2, Position 2 Chris Olson -

Ward 3, Position 1 Seth Bradley -

Ward 3, Position 2 Eric Westcott -

Ward 4, Position 1 Paul Gray -

Ward 4, Position 2 Justin Keller -


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