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Streaking: A Review of New From Blink-182

For an old fart like me that’s approaching 40 years young, new stuff from Pop/Punk icons, and one of the most popular bands of the early 2000’s; Blink-182, has been a long time coming. Sometime in the Summer 2023, the waiting will be over. Probably.

In October 2022, we got a taste of new stuff from Mark, Tom, and Travis in the form of their return-to-glory track “Edging” off an untitled new album that again, is rumored to be coming out in the summer 2023, but any dates that have been rumored via social media or the like, have yet to be confirmed. What is confirmed is that the guys are back together, new music is coming, and they’re prepping for a 2023 world tour.

According to Tom via his official Twitter account last year, “The new @blink182 album has some of the most progressive, and elevated music [we’ve] ever had. In honesty, I am holding my breath for you to hear these other songs…”

I know one thing’s for sure, to a little garage band drummer in rural Arkansas counting down the days until he turned 18 and could get his first ill-advised tattoo, Travis Barker was peak cool. Mark Hoppus, in awe of Travis absolutely shredding on just a snare drum once said, “I can barely, barely play my instrument.” Honestly, I love these dudes. Enema of the State was the sound of my sophomore year of high school.

I genuinely look forward to this new album. Hell, I may even break the kit out.

p.s. – Remember Boxcar Racer?


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