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What Is A Lavender Rhino?

We're glad you asked.

First and foremost it's a symbol. Symbols are used to quickly and effectively evoke an emotional response. In the context of social campaigns, symbols will always be one of the most important factors to drive a movement and unite a group.

The lavender rhino is one that was predominately used in the 1970’s to bring visibility to the LGBTQ+ community in Boston. The rhino was chosen because “it is a much maligned and misunderstood animal”, much like the gay community was (and still is).

The goal of Lavender Rhino's of Russellville is to provide resources for the local community while also bringing awareness to queer friendly businesses, churches, doctors, therapists, etc.

Some upcoming resources and topics:

  • How to legally change your name in Arkansas.

  • Contact info for help with mental health issues.

  • How to come out to your family.

  • What laws affect the LGBTQ+ community in Arkansas; both current and future legislation.

  • Creating an affirming home for LGBTQ+ youth.

  • Health information and tips.

This is just a starting off point. As we get more and more resources onto the site and more feedback, questions, and suggested topics it will quickly become the hub for all things concerning the LGBTQ+ population in the River Valley.

Oh, and we're definitely going to figure out how to make a pride parade happen. Definitely. If you'd like to be part of the pride committee please just fill out the form below or message us on FB.



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