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Israel’s War Crimes

More than a week ago, Hamas launched an assault on a music festival in Israel, leaving behind a war-torn battlefield. In the wake of this horrific scene, more than 250 men, women and children were injured or killed by Hamas, a known terrorist organization.

The Israeli’s unaccounted for at the festival were either hunted down while attempting to escape or taken hostage.

In response to this terrorist attack and kidnapping, Israel increased the severity and interval of its air and ground attacks on the people of Palestine.

Despite not being involved with Hamas or the attack, Israel used revenge or self defense as a cover to continue its one-sided war on Palestine, which has no military force to defend itself.

Instead of making the hostages their sole priority in the face of losing more Israeli citizens, Israel instead chose to maintain their hate-filled campaign against Palestine.

Many mainstream media outlets have refused to show the casualties and damage experienced on both sides of this conflict. Instead, they have only focused on the casualties and loss of Israel from a terrorist organization that is not even hiding in Palestine.

As reported by news outlets like The Hill and The Guardian two days ago, the United Nations has called for Israel’s assault on Palestine to cease, while labeling it an “ethnic cleansing.”

As America’s popularity and influence dwindles, the blind support for Israel’s ethnic cleansing did not go unnoticed over the weekend as several nations and dozens of cities worldwide protested Israel’s genocidal attacks and the America’s involvement with them.

Amid this crisis, President Joe Biden offered kind words of support and consolation for Israel and not for Palestine. The President Biden has also given Israel military weapons and equipment including bombs and missiles to use against Palestine.

Then there’s the two Navy ships that were sent to the Mediterranean Sea as backup in case the conflict between Israel and Palestine spreads.

All that support and weaponry was not from America was not free, it was done with taxpayer money. At this point, America has blood on its hands as it sides with Israel and keeps giving them weapons to use on a defenseless Palestine.

If Israel is guilty of ethnic cleansing and amassing an inventory of war crimes, then so has America and they should both be held accountable by the United Nations.

For America and Israel, they appear to have more in common with other nations like Russia and Nazi Germany by the rest of the world. At this point, Israel appears to have come full-circle from being the victim of ethnic cleansing to being the one committing ethnic cleansing. Israel has not been a benevolent nation for some time.

Contrary to America’s self-interest, it does not need to support any more nations participating in any more acts of oppression, white supremacy or genocide.

What we are seeing unfold with America’s blind love for Israel is genocide being paraded on TV and marketed by media outlets as propaganda.

-Cliff A. May


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